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Ocean Liners & Cruise Ships of Port Everglades

Ships & Sailing Schedules: September 1963 to August 1964

 Port Everglades History

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Oronsay P&O-Orient Line
Built: 1951 Gross tons: 27632 Length: 709ft (216m) Beam: 91ft (28m) Draft: 30ft (9m) Speed: 22kn Registry: British Passengers: 668 First Class, 833 Tourist Class

Oronsay of P&O-Orient Line built 1951

The second of Orient Line's post-war liners, Oronsay stayed on the traditional England to Australia via Suez route until 1954, when she made a highly-successful detour across the Pacific to the US West Coast. Like the other P&O-Orient Line ships which sailed long routes in warm climates, the standard of food, service and entertainment were almost "cruise-like" by modern standards. She became a regular visitor to Port Everglades until withdrawn and scrapped in 1975.

SAILING SCHEDULE of Oronsay - all sailingsArriveDepart
Oronsay arrives on transpacific voyage eastbound from Sydney, the West Coast of North America, Panama Canal and Kingston; departs on around-the-world voyage eastbound to Bermuda, Lisbon, Southampton/London, Gibraltar, Naples, Port Said, Aden, Penang, Singapore, Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Suva, Honolulu, Vancouver, San Francisco and Long Beach. Nov 22Nov 23
Oronsay arrives on around-the-world voyage westbound from the West Coast of North America via South Pacific, Suez Canal, Naples, Lisbon and London; departs on transpacific voyage westbound to Nassau, Cristobal, Balboa, Acapulco, Long Beach, San Francisco, Vancouver, Honolulu, Suva, Auckland and Sydney. Apr 26Apr 26