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Passenger Ships: Then and Now

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Passenger Ship History

TheFirstGreatiews18971927 The First Great Ocean Liners in Photographs: 193 Views, 1897-1927
By William H. Miller Jr., Jun'84. In this eventful era the maritime powers of the world vied for dominance on the high seas and produced the great "four-stackers". This volume traces the first superliners, from the revolutionary Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse to the legendary Mauretania, Lusitania, Olympic, Titanic, Imperator & Aquitania and including the lesser known smaller ships of the 1920's. Many of the photos include unique interior scenes of these great ships as well as the passengers and crew who rode them. Paperback; 147 pages, 8-7/8" x 11-3/4", 101 ships, 193 b/w photos with captions.; Reference List Price: $13.95 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!

TheGreatLuxurographicRecord The Great Luxury Liners, 1927-1954: A Photographic Record
By William H. Miller Jr., Sep'91. This was the heyday of the floating palaces - sea-going symbols of opulence, glamor and romance that ferried passengers across the oceans. Among them were the French Ile de France and Normandie, Germany's Bremen and Europa, Italy's Rex and Conte de Savoia, Britain's Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth and the American Leviathan and United States. Exterior views from many different vantage points and numerous interior shots. Includes 101 ships, 186 b/w photos with captions. Paperback, 176 pages; Reference List Price: $12.95 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!

GreatCruiseShographicSurvey Great Cruise Ships and Ocean Liners from 1954 to 1986: A Photographic Survey
By William H. Miller Jr., Feb'88. This edition recalls the last great years of transatlantic travel and the rise of a new breed of ocean liner - the cruise ship. These are liners that are still fresh in history's memory such as the United States, Canberra, Liberte, Queen Elizabeth 2, Leonardo da Vinci, Southern Cross, Constitution, Rotterdam, Michelangelo and Andrea Doria. Included also are many lesser-known liners, passenger-cargo vessels and the first generation of cruise ships. Includes 140 ships, 173 b/w photos with captions. Paperback, 118 pages; Reference List Price: $11.95 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!

TheFabulousInricPhotographs The Fabulous Interiors of the Great Ocean Liners in Historic Photographs
By William H. Miller Jr., Feb'85. Beautifully printed volume depicts the lavish interiors of the most magnificent, trend-setting liners that sailed from the 1890s to the 1980s. It's amazing to see how the interior design of the times was reflected to such excess in these great ships, decorated in styles ranging from Louis XIV and Victorian to Art Deco and Modern. All the popular ships are included plus fascinating images of lesser-known vessels. Mr. Miller also supplies concise informative captions detailing background and history of each vessel, tonnage, size, engines, builders, etc. Includes 72 ships, 228 b/w photos. Paperback, 145 pages; Reference List Price: $10.95 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!

ModernCruiseSographicRecord Modern Cruise Ships, 1965-1990: A Photographic Record
By William H. Miller Jr., Apr'92. This high-quality book documents through fabulous photos, the history of the modern cruise ship era beginning in the mid-1960s, from the venerable Queen of Bermuda to the Sovereign of the Seas. Among this fleet are the Achille Lauro, Bahama Star, Caronia, Cunard Princess, Michelangelo, Pacific Princess, Rotterdam, Royal Viking Sun, and Wind Song. Captions provide precise histories and statistics on tonnage, dimensions, passenger capacity and speed. Includes 156 ships and 184 b/w photos with captions. Paperback, 144 pages; Reference List Price: $13.95 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!

PictorialEncyc417Photographs Pictorial Encyclopedia of Ocean Liners 1860-1994: 417 Photographs
By William H. Miller Jr., Oct'95. Here are over 400 of the greatest ships over 15,000 tons that sailed from 1860 to 1994 and beyond, from White Star's Adriatic to Celebrity Cruises' Zenith, ending with a preview of the 100,000-ton Grand Princess. Each ship is listed with data on builder, tonnage, length, beam, speed, passenger capacity and a brief history. Paperback, 142 pages; Reference List Price: $16.95 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!

TheLinersAVgeofDiscovery The Liners: A Voyage of Discovery
By William H. Miller, Rob McAuley, Nov'97. A fascinating history of the great ocean liners from the first crossing of the Atlantic by an auxiliary steam-powered vessel in 1819 to the massive cruiseliners of today. Although focused on the North Atlantic, there is good coverage of other routes. Many anecdotes and stories of people. Delves into the beginnings of the well known lines and shipbuilders. Colorful descriptions of conditions on ships. Some numbers and statistics, though not enough. 100 color and 50 B&W illustrations. Hardcover, 192 pages; Reference List Price: $29.95 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!

FamousOceanLiPhotoPostcards Famous Ocean Liners Photo Postcards
By William H. Miller Jr., Nov'88. Thrilling photographs of 26 of the most famous ocean liners of the 20th century make this grand collection of 24 detachable, mailable postcards. You'll enjoy sending mementos of these grand leviathans to family, friends and associates. Paperback, 16 pages; Reference List Price: $4.95 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!

PictureHistoryLine18401990 Picture History of the Cunard Line, 1840-1990
By Frank O. Braynard, William H. Miller Jr., Aug'91. A wonderful panorama of the famous Cunard Line. Over 180 photographs and illustrations show the liners on the high seas and in port, as well as depicting staterooms, lounges, interior decor and carefree life aboard ship. Paperback, 144 pages; Reference List Price: $14.95 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!

PictureHistorytheFrenchLine Picture History of the French Line
By William H. Miller Jr., Dec'97. An excellent history of Compagnie Generale Transatlantique. Extraordinary, rare B&W photographs and text thoroughly covering the history of every major CGT liner and most secondary ships from the Washington to the France (1961). Each article includes the specifications of each ship, construction locations, and chronology. Where available the current status of each ship is also included. Paperback, 128 pages; Reference List Price: $13.95 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!

PictureHistoryLine19321977 Picture History of the Italian Line, 1932-1977
By William H. Miller Jr., Apr'00. A grand luxury fleet sails again in this impressive volume. From opulent pre-war vessels such as Roma and Conte di Savoia to the cutting-edge style of post-war ships like Andrea Doria and Michelangelo, the Italian Line was a leader and trendsetter. Legendary, long-gone ships live on in this evocative photographic tribute. Detailed captions provide a wealth of information on the line and its greatest ships. 200 b/w illustrations. Paperback, 133 pages; Reference List Price: $16.95 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!

Cruise Travel Guides

InsightGuidesndCruiseShips Insight Guides Cruising & Cruise Ships 2024 - formerly Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships
By Douglas Ward, Nov'23. This indispensible reference features enhanced user-friendly design, extra images, new coverage of cruise history and ultimate cruising experiences, new Author's Choice recommendations, along with the expert reviews and ratings readers have trusted for over 35 years. Insight Guides Cruising & Cruise Ships 2024 (formerly Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships) is the world's most authoritative and longest-running guide to cruising and cruise ships. Fully updated post-Covid, this iconic, industry-leading bible for millions of cruise-goers and crew members now features larger font for greater readability, and more images, making for a fresher, more user-friendly experience. In addition, Insight Guides Cruising & Cruise Ships 2024 boasts a new section on the history of cruising, along with the author's hugely-anticipated evaluations and scores, with 320 ships reviewed and rated. It also includes new user-oriented features on the Best of Cruising. From exploring fjords and enjoying icy expeditions, to embarking on wildlife voyages and idyllic Caribbean cruises, ten Ultimate Experiences are showcased. This is supplemented by a new Author's Choice section that sees Douglas Ward - the world's foremost authority on cruising and cruise ships - share his rundown of Top Ships and the best cruises for all kinds of travellers, from families and romantics, to solo voyagers and cruise-goers with accessibility needs. Paperback, 376 pages; Reference List Price: $27.99 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!

BerlitzCruisinuiseShips2020 Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships 2020
By Douglas Ward, Oct'19. If you want a holiday that's hassle-free, virtually pre-paid, and that lets you see lots of places while only needing to pack and unpack once, then you should try a cruise. This best-selling book is the cruise industry bible: it gives you all the information you need to choose the right cruise for you. Meticulously updated every year by cruise expert Douglas Ward, it is divided into two main parts: the first helps you work out what you're looking for in a cruise holiday and how to find it; the lively text and colour photographs describe every aspect of life on board, including safety, the highs and lows of the cruise experience and how to save money. The second part contains unbiased reviews and fascinating detail of almost 300 ocean-going cruise vessels, and grades them on service, food, entertainment and facilities, using an internationally recognised ratings system. Paperback, 760 pages; Reference List Price: $27.99 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!

Cruise Line & Cruise Ship Operations

TheCruiseShipnNorthAmerica The Cruise Ship Phenomenon in North America
By Brian J. Cudahy, May'01. An unrivalled work of reference, this necessary book tells the stories of how and why today's North American cruise ship industry evolved from carrying only 330,000 passengers in 1965 to nearly 7 million at the turn of the century. It traces the backgrounds of the various cruise lines and their founders and explains how so many of their ironic histories are interrelated. It documents the time, money and effort that go into the myriad details encountered between building plan and cruising itinerary. The appendix gives an instant history of the ships, including notes on specifications, builders, registry, and passenger capacity. Hardcover, 736 pages, 1.09 x 10.22 x 7.28; 98 b&w photos; Reference List Price: $36.95 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!

ACruiseShipPryOperations A Cruise Ship Primer: History & Operations
By Craig A. Munsart, Mar'15. Cruise ships, the largest moving man-made objects, can be almost a quarter-mile long, as tall as a twenty-five-story building, and largely self-contained cities of 8,000 people. With 172 photographs and illustrations, the cruise ship is examined: its planning, construction, behind-the-scenes operation, and ultimate fate. More than 240 ships are highlighted as the cruise ship’s history is traced from its origins to its future projections. This book is a great resource for designers, architects, shipbuilders, and cruise ship passengers. Read it before you board and take it along when you sail. Paperback, 256 pages; Reference List Price: $29.99 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!

SellingtheSeaCruiseIndustry Selling the Sea: An Inside Look at the Cruise Industry
By Bob Dickinson, Andrew Vladimir, Apr'07. An insider's view of how the cruising business operates. The highly respected and vocal former president of Carnival Cruise Lines explores the history of modern cruising and its operation and financing. In his quarter-century with Carnival, Dickinson is credited with changing the image of cruising from a pastime of the rich to a vacation for the masses. Learn the differences and similarities in cruise lines -- how they are managed, marketed, priced and operated; the industry's problems, opportunities and future. Looks at history and growth of industry, who key players are, their management and marketing philosophies. This updated Second Edition features new coverage of how technology has impacted the industry, new niche markets in cruising, and expanded material on shipbuilding and design. It also includes insightful interviews with today's captains, social directors, food and beverage managers, and cruise line executives who have hands-on experience at the day-to-day workings of a cruise ship. Hardcover, 352 pages; Reference List Price: $40.00 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!

DevilsontheDseShipEmpires Devils on the Deep Blue Sea : The Dreams, Schemes and Showdowns That Built America's Cruise-Ship Empires
By Kristoffer Garin, Jun'05. Carnival's founder, the late Ted Arison, provides this lively industry history with one of its most engrossing narrative threads, from the running aground of his original flagship's maiden voyage to his emergence as one of the world's wealthiest individuals. But Garin's as interested in the ships themselves as he is in the boardrooms, and he turns up disturbing stories of corrupt labor practices and cover-ups of sexual assaults of passengers by crew members. The solid reporting ensures readers will come away with a healthy respect for Garin's work and for the very powerful industry he documents. Hardcover, 384 pages; Reference List Price: $24.95 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!

CruiseShipsAutioninDesign Cruise Ships: An Evolution in Design
By Philip Dawson, May'03. Since the earliest commercial cruises offered in the 1840s, cruise ships have changed beyond recognition and evolved into one of the world's most sophisticated, specialised, complex, and expensive types of vessel. This astonishing development is the subject of this book. While the origins of the story can be traced back in part to the nineteenth century, the author takes up the story in detail with the large, modern, purpose-built cruise ships of the 1930s. The prototypes for a mass-market clientele emerged in the German KdF ships Wilhelm Gustloff and Robert Ley. At the other end of the scale, the exquisite 1927 Norwegian-built cruise yacht Stella Polaris represents the prototype of a smaller vessel offering the ultimate in luxury. In the post-war years both ends of the industry have expanded dramatically, and the myriad of ships which have been built, and are being built, are described in detail. Philip Dawson developed an interest in merchant and passenger ships in early childhood. He started writing on shipping and ship design in the early 1980s. He is author of British Superliners of the Sixties: A Design Appreciation of Oriana, Canberra and QE2 and the highly successful tribute to the P&O cruise liner Canberra: In the Wake of a Legend. Philip Dawson lives in Canada. Hardcover, 272 pages; Reference List Price: $59.95 Click For AMAZON.COM Price!
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