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SINCE 1997
Who IS This Guy Anyway?

Welcome to my humble website! Since it is the result of a couple of hours of work (SHEESH!), I hope you will enjoy looking around. I have tried to make it interesting.

This has evolved from my first look at the World Wide Web in January 1996 on America OnLine. To teach myself HTML, and because I am what you might call a "transportation enthusiast", I started encoding the Tri-Rail schedules. My "All Aboard TRI-RAIL!" website came about because there was no existing Tri-Rail site. That evolved into: STREAMLINERS to the PALMS

Then, because I am a "cruise specialist" by profession, and also a passenger ship enthusiast, I have documented some of the ocean liners and cruise ships sailing from Miami and Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale) in the 1960's. Visit the database of contemporary cruise ships over 9,000 gross tons and other special features in the section called PASSENGER SHIPS: Then and Now

The latest addition here is the history of Early JETLINERS to FLORIDA, covering the first generation of jets from 1958 to 1963. At the same time, I have reorganized my collection of game scenarios that I have created for Transport Tycoon Deluxe and A-Train in TRANSPORT GAMES for PC.

Since I wrote numerous CGI scripts, I decided to make the most useful ones available for FREE DOWNLOAD. If you dare, help yourself to them at Free PERL CGI SCRIPTS from the CRYPT. To use them, your internet service provider must allow you to upload and run Perl scripts.

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We hope you are amused by the annoying tunes playing on here. The music box is found at the top of the main entry page to each subject area, and at the bottom of most other pages. A themed tune will enter your ears either automatically or by clicking the Play a ... tune link. To start another random tune click Next and when you have been sufficiently entertained you are allowed to click Quit.

Is anyone still reading this?

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