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Varig Airlines

Early Jetliners to Florida

Varig Airlines Varig Airlines (acronym for Viacao Aerea Rio Grandenses) inaugurated Sud-Est Caravelle I twin-engine jet service between Brazil and New York (Idlewild) in 1959, which required several intermediate stops. They were replaced in 1960 by Boeing 707-420's which could fly the route nonstop. Then in 1961, they bought a much larger competitor, Real Aerovias Nacional, making Varig Airlines the biggest airline in South America. The sale included rights to serve Miami and Los Angeles as well as more cities in Latin America.

Varig Airlines They deployed the Caravelle I jets on the Miami route, which Real had been serving with Lockheed Super H Constellation propeller aircraft. In January 1963, three weekly round-trip flights were operating Miami - Santo Domingo - Caracas - Port of Spain - Belem - Brasilia - Rio de Janeiro (the stop in Brasilia was twice weekly). The Caravelle I's were soon replaced by Convair 990 jets which Real Aerovias Nacional had on order prior to the merger.

Sample one-way fares from Miami to Belem: Day coach $223; from Miami to Rio de Janeiro: Day coach $290; All fares are in U.S. dollars.

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CVL - Varig Airlines
SE Caravelle Varig Airlines
Series: I Engines: 2 x RR Avon 293 Thrust: 11400lb (5171kg) Wingspan: 113ft (34m) Length: 105ft (32m) Height: 28ft (9m) Passengers: 99 Max weight: 112400lb (50985kg) Range: 1555mi (2502km) Max cruise: 525mph (845kph)
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