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Pan American-Grace Airways

Early Jetliners to Florida

Pan American-Grace Airways Pan American-Grace Airways was a cooperative arrangement between Pan American World Airways and W.R. Grace and Company, which dominated transportation to the west coast of South America. Commonly known as "Panagra", it was advertised as the "World's Friendliest Airline". They set the standard for air transportation between the U.S. East Coast and the West Coast of South America throughout its 39 year history.

Pan American-Grace Airways In 1949, an interline agreement was reached whereby Pan American Grace-Airways aircraft would be chartered to National Airlines for operation over its route from New York to Miami, creating single-plane service from New York to Buenos Aires. Panagra entered the jet age in 1960 when new Douglas DC-8-31 began to replace their Douglas DC-7 propeller aircraft. Daily jet service over the interchange route continued until Panagra was merged into Braniff International Airways in 1967.

Sample one-way fares from Miami to Lima: First class (F)$381; Day coach (Y)$211; from Miami to Santiago: First class (F)$539; Day coach (Y)$263; All fares are in U.S. dollars.

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DC8 - Pan American-Grace Airways
Douglas DC-8 Pan American-Grace Airways
Series: 31 Engines: 4 x PW JT4A-9 Thrust: 16800lb (7620kg) Wingspan: 142ft (43m) Length: 150ft (46m) Height: 42ft (13m) Passengers: 177 Max weight: 315000lb (142884kg) Range: 4660mi (7499km) Max cruise: 555mph (893kph)
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