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Cunard Eagle Airways

Early Jetliners to Florida

Cunard Eagle Airways Eagle Airways began serving Florida in 1958 with four daily round trip flights between Nassau and Miami with 52-seat Viscount 805 turbo-prop aircraft. In 1960, the Cunard Steamship Company bought a 60% interest and the company became Cunard Eagle Airways, adding a weekly Miami - Nassau - Bermuda - London service with a 98-seat Bristol Britannia turbo-prop.

Cunard Eagle Airways In 1962, Cunard Eagle Airways' two new Boeing 707-420's replaced the turbo-prop in transatlantic service which included twice weekly flights over the route to Miami, achieving a 56% load factor. Observing the success, B.O.A.C. (British Overseas Airways Corporation) contributed 70% of the capital and eight Boeing 707's to a new joint venture with Cunard Line. In 1966, the transatlantic operations were merged into B.O.A.C., which became British Airways in 1974.

Sample one-way fares from Miami to London: First class (F)$504; Day coach (Y)$298; All fares are in U.S. dollars.

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B707 - Cunard Eagle Airways
Boeing 707 Cunard Eagle Airways
Series: 420 Engines: 4 x RR Conway 50B Thrust: 17500lb (7938kg) Wingspan: 142ft (43m) Length: 152ft (46m) Height: 42ft (13m) Passengers: 189 Max weight: 312000lb (141523kg) Range: 4315mi (6944km) Max cruise: 605mph (974kph)
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