Games and scenarios for Transport Tycoon and A-Train

Here are our two very most favorite video games of all time. They are quite "vintage", having both originated in the 1990's. But the attention to detail is amazing, and they are a welcome change from the sameness of many of the newer simulation games.

The game applications themselves cannot be obtained here, but there are several game repository websites which have the various versions available. The scenarios available here can be played on either the DOS or Windows version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe and on the DOS version of A-Train.

Once you find the game apps, you will want to download the free DOS emulator that you can use with most contemporary operating systems called DOSBox. There is a free optional companion app called DOSShell, which provides a graphical user interface instead of DosBox's command line interface.

Transport Tycoon Deluxe is an addictive transportation simulation video game for one or two players that allows implementation of several modes of transportation to build a network of routes serving businesses and passengers in the towns and cities on the scenario map.

The Scenarios:

Here are two original scenarios and saved game examples that you can download here safely and freely.

Go to Miami to South America

Go to Imperial World


These scenarios can be customized in many ways with the companion application, TTDPatch by Josef Drexler, particularly by using the "pre-signals" option. It allows signaled rail systems where trains do not get trapped coming from opposite directions with nowhere to go. You could use double-track instead, but I prefer using single track with passing sidings wherever possible, more like real US railroad practice.

A-Train Box A-Train Box A-Train is a VERY COOL 1992-vintage railroad simulation game by Maxis Software. You can spend more hours than you should being mesmerized by the trains running on routes and schedules that you devise.

The Scenarios:

There are seven original saved game examples here for Maxis A-Train that you can download here safely and freely. Games scenarios feature Miami, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida Tri-Rail, Metrorail and Florida East Coast Railway passenger railroads, New York City subways and Jersey City Newark PATH Port Authority Trans Hudson.

Go to Seven A-Train Game Scenarios


Serious would-be railroad builders will greatly appreciate A-Train: The Official Strategy Guide. It details the economics of virtually every move, and fills in the missing details that help you choose the right train and track plan for each situation. Check availability in our BOOKSTORE!