Online Florida Passenger Train Museum

This collection is dedicated to the passenger trains and railroads to, from and within Florida. It includes photos, artwork, timetables, consists, history, vintage videos and more, with special emphasis on the colorful streamliner era.

Click the locomotive below for the full-size image, consists, timetables, color post cards and interesting historical facts about Florida's passenger trains:

AMK #815 Amtrak
P40 #815
Sunset Limited, Auto-Train
ACL #538 Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
E7A #538
The Champions, Florida Special, City of Miami, South Wind
FEC #1001 Florida East Coast Railway
E3A #1001
Henry M. Flagler, East Coast Champion, Dixie Flagler
SAL #3011 Seaboard Air Line Railroad
E4 #3011
Silver Meteor, Silver Star
Southern Railway #2919 Southern Railway
E7A #2919
New Royal Palm, Ponce de Leon

Jacksonville's Leading LadiesJACKSONVILLE UNION TERMINAL

Nearly all Florida-bound passenger trains passed through this landmark station complex completed in 1919. There occurred a great shuffling of cars from the Northeast and Midwest bound to various points in Florida. During the land boom of the 1920's it was the busiest station in the world. At its peak in 1944, nearly 10 million passengers passed through. In this view (from left to right), Illinois Central, Florida East Coast, Southern, Atlantic Coast Line and Seaboard Air Line share the trackage.

Westbound ACL E7As

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About color schemes: The colors on this page show Atlantic Coast Line's purple, yellow and aluminum, used from 1939 to 1957.