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Statistical Facts about Vessels Over 5,000 Tons

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DEFINITIONS: Gross tons is a measure of enclosed revenue space. | Beam is maximum width. | Space to passenger ratio is gross tons divided by double occupancy capacity. Generally, under 30 is high density, 30 to 39 is moderate, 40 to 49 is very generous and 50 or more is ultimate spaciousness. | Crew is the normal total of all onboard officers, staff and crew. | Passenger to crew ratio is number of passengers per crew member, based on double occupancy capacity. Lower numbers imply better service. The scores are all relative, but generally below 2 is excellent and above 3 may be lacking. Most of the standard mass market ships range between 2 and 3. | Style is a marketing term describing the onboard lifestyle, and is also in relation to other styles and other cruise ships. | Primary Market is the geographical origin of most passengers, which will have a direct effect on the onboard lifestyle. | Former Names are numbered increasing from earliest to latest.

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