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Reina Del Mar 1956 Reina Del Mar Pacific Steam Navigation Co.
Built: 1956 Gross tons: 20234 Length: 601ft (183m) Beam: 78ft (24m) Draft: 29ft (9m) Speed: 18kn Registry: British Passengers: 207 First Class, 216 Cabin Class, 343 Tourist Class

While on her original service, this ship sailed the long route between England and Chile via the Panama Canal sometimes calling at Port Everglades enroute. In 1964, she was rebuilt as a cruise ship sailing from England. Scrapped 1975.

SAILING SCHEDULE of Reina Del Mar - all sailings
Reina Del Mar arrives Jan 15 on transatlantic voyage westbound from Liverpool via La Pallice, Santander & Vigo; with an intransit call at Port Everglades departing to Nassau, Kingston, La Guaira, Curacao, Cristobal, La Libertad, Callao, Arica, Antofagasta & Valparaiso. Jan 16

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